Wood’s sister wants death investigation re-opened

The Rebel Without a Cause star drowned off the coast of California in 1981 after trying to make it to shore from a luxury yacht in a dinghy. Her death was ruled an accident.

But Wood’s sister Lana insists there are so many things about the tragedy that just don’t make sense to her, and she wants the actress’ widower, actor Robert Wagner, to recall the events of the awful night one more time.

She tells America’s Globe tabloid, “Is he (Wagner) somehow culpable in her death? I want to look him in the eye and ask him that. I just want the truth to come out.”

Lana Wood insists reports that her sister untied the yacht’s dinghy and headed for shore to escape a fight between her husband and their guest, actor Christopher Walken, just don’t add up – because Natalie was terrified of the water, and would never have attempted to row to shore in her nightgown.

She tells the Globe that following the tragedy, Wagner “just kept saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, she’s gone. It was an accident. You have to believe me.'”