World Series Champs San Francisco Giants Join The Best Pop Culture Sweepers

ALTFor the second time in two years, the San Francisco Giants have earned the title of World Series champions. The Giants won the final game of the 2012 Fall Classic — and thus the whole series — in 10 innings when they beat the Detroit Lions by a score of 4-3. In 2010, the Giants beat the Texas Rangers four games to one, but this time around the team managed an even more amazing feat as champs: they swept their opponents in four games. 

Best sweep ever? It’s up there. Of course, there are plenty of other pop culture sweeps to come before the Giants’ victory to consider. From the magical broomsticks in Harry Potter to Supermarket Sweep, we name the best pop culture sweeps. 
The Quidditch brooms in Harry Potter: Not only used as a mode of transportation, the magical brooms in Harry Potter were what the beloved characters rode on in Quidditch matches, the Wizarding World’s official sport. 

The Fantasia brooms: During the Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence, Mickey’s wizardry brings an onslaught of menacing brooms. Creepy? A little bit. Mesmerizing? Completely. Plus, let’s face it, an army of brooms could get a lot done.


The Hocus Pocus brooms: Okay, maybe not as impressive as the Harry Potter brooms and Fantasia brooms, but still awesome. See!
Supermarket Sweep:  The most underrated game show ever. People, you should always go for the ham! The ham!
Broom-Hilda: A character from the 1970’s comic strip, Broom-Hilda is described as “a man-crazy, cigar-smoking, beer-guzzling, 1,500-year-old witch and her motley crew of friends.” Broom-Hilda may have just earned her keep as the greatest pop-culture broom ever. 
Bert, the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins: Bert (Dick Van Dyke) may have one of the worst British accents in movie history, but he’s still a damn good chimney sweep, “I yam, I yam!”
Saturday Night Lives Swiffer Sweepers: 


Minesweeper: Killing time in computer class since 1998. 
Curling: The Olympic sport everyone loves to make fun of and secretly wants to learn how to play. 
Honorary Mention: DJ Roomba in the house! It’s the broom of the future…today! Plus, as evident by Parks and Recreation, it makes an awesome party guest on a boring camping trip. Dammit, Jerry!

What’s your favorite pop culture broom and/or sweep? Sweepy Smurf? Jumping the Broom? Clean up that mess and then share yours in the comments section. 
[Photo credit: AP Photo/Charlie Riedel] 

Tigers vs. Giants: The Pop Culture World Series

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