Does Jonathan Rhys Meyers Top the List of Worst Movie Dreadlocks with His ‘Mortal Instruments’ ‘Do?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Screen Gems

Hollywood tends to want to add extra pizzazz to their characters through costumes, makeup, and hairstyles… even when that additional umph is completely unnecessary. Lo and behold, the dreaded dreadlocks. A ‘do that turns perfectly good looking individuals into unsightly creatures. The most recent incident of this disaster has been Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Mortal Instruments. Why would anyone want to do that to him? Or to anyone,  quite frankly? This reminded us of some of the other choice moments these nasty strands have popped up. 

Dreadlocks are not overdone, so they tend to creep up in movies and completely take you by surprise. However, once spotted, dreadlocks are absolutely mesmerizing and you cannot help but ask yourself these questions: How can something that ugly be accomplished? Are those real or did they sew in ratty extensions? Wait, they sell those ratty extensions? We can’t answer these life altering questions, so instead we here at have brought you the bad, the ugly and the downright horrifying celebrity dreadlocks moments that will haunt your nightmares. 

GALLERY: The Worst Dreadlocks in Movie History

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