WTF of the Day: Glee Stars Get Gangsta

This video of Heather Morris and a few friends, including Glee stars Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith, and Harry Shum Jr. as well as Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, rapping (What? Rapping? Yes, rapping) “Nuthin’ But A Glee Thang” has surfaced on the interwebs, which means you have to watch it RIGHT NOW or all your coworkers will tease you incessantly for your unforgivable ignorance.

While I’ve been crying out for the Gleeks to stop rapping since the first time Mr. Schue performed “The Thong Song” last season, I will lift my ineffectual ban for Morris because she’s awesome. Vergara also deserves props; first because she too is awesome, but secondly because of her (rumored) Jane Lynch rivalry-squashing homage to Sue Sylvester in a red track suit rounded out with the traditional Vergara 4-inch heels and her confession of deep appreciation for my favorite Glee character, Brittany. (That second part only serves to further my delusion that I’m as cool as Sofia Vergara.)

Source: Funny or Die