WTF of the Day: Kat Von D Will Wed Jesse James

Jesse James and Kat Von DThis just in from the WTF department, Jesse James (no not the famous outlaw or British punk band, but that dude who we know mostly because he cheated on America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, with a stripper with a swastika tattoo) is engaged to Kat Von D.

Wait a minute. I know she’s famous for being a tattoo artist so it kind of makes sense, but the guy just CHEATED on his super sweet wife. And not with some other random chick, but with BOMBSHELL MCGEE. Her name is a boob joke. She has a tattoo on her forehead. This is not a man who makes sound decisions.

After the “lucky” lady said “yes,” James was super stoked, guys. He told People, “Growing old with her is going to be a fucking blast!” Well, at least he’s excited. She says, “There is no one else for me. He’s the one,” and that may be true for her but I’d keep an eye out on that man if I were her.

Source: People