X-Men star takes time to meditate

And he insists his talent for finding stillness on movie sets helps him focus on the intense roles he plays.

The 3:10 To Yuma villain explains, “TM, like many techniques, allow us to hear our own voice and one can take a walk in the evening by themselves, some people go jogging, some people knit.”

Foster’s meditating has become a ritual for him and he always makes time to clear his mind for TM sessions twice a day.

He tells WENN, “It’s a ritual that allows us that quiet space inside, so we can hear what we are feeling, what we are thinking.

“TM has always been a source of quieting the static mind… and it creates more space; it’s a source of energy.

“I just know that when I do this in the morning and the afternoon that I have a clearer, calmer energy that doesn’t feel forced or provoked by a chemical… You have a clearer mind and images and feelings can come up and one can actually address them.

“I usually meditate at lunch on sets. It’s a technique that works for me. I have a lot more internal strength to approach the day than I do when I’m not meditating regularly.”

And Foster admits he can meditate just about anywhere: “A comfortable, quiet space is great – a couch, the back seat of a car, trains, planes, automobiles, your bedroom, under a tree. It’s just closing the eyes.

“It’s just an ancient technique that allows for more silence to exist.”