XBox Kinect ‘Project Natal’ Premiere Red Carpet Photos

XBox Kinect ‘Project Natal’ Premiere Red Carpet Photos

Ahh, remember the days of tangled up video game controllers and the millions of minutes of game play you lost because of such horrid entanglements? Yes, this is a problem we all have suffered from, like an empty jar of peanut butter. But it looks like this issue (the knotted controller cords, not the empty peanut butter jar) is finally behind us because Kinect for XBox 360 came out with a new console that doesn’t even use controllers! All users have to do is make gestures or speak what they want their little men and women characters to do! But Kinect can also be used by people other than gamers (they DO exist). In any case, here’s hoping Mario and Luigi are obedient little creatures.

And to celebrate the release of such innovative technology, Christina Hendricks, Rosario Dawson, Ryan Phillippe, and Rumer Willis all showed up at the premiere of “Project Natal” in Los Angeles last night. Lucky for them, they all probably walked away with systems of their own. Whether they stayed up all night talking to their televisions or commanding video game creatures is debatable. It’s certainly what I would have done.

XBox Project Natal Red Carpet

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