What Does ‘The Fox’ Say About Norway?

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Ah, Norway. Land of Vikings, black metal, cured fish and now: Ylvis’s ‘What Does the Fox Say?”

The Brothers Ylvis have a lot of ideas about vulpine communications – all preposterous. Maybe we should ask what the fox this viral hit says about Norway?

The answer lies in the question. Mystery: Norwegians are into it.

It’s no coincidence that previous Ylvis hit ‘Stonehenge’ also depicts a Norse yuppie with a burning question: “What’s the meaning of Stonehenge?”

Food for thought, indeed, but not quite the internet catnip that is ‘foreign’ people dressed in animal costumes, doing an easy-to-replicate dance move over a glossy banger. (Anyone remember a lil’ equine number called “Gangnam Style”?)

While Psy taught us everything we know about the trendy Gangnam district of South Korea (almost nothing), here we have the essential idiot’s guide to Norway. We see a genetically superior group of cava-swillers hitting up a sick wooden house in the woods for a fancy dress party. Then they rave to cheesy euro-dance in said woods (Norway is all about the woods). They question the vocabulary of a woodland creature (the fox), while showing off about their farming nous (Norwegian farming culture is ingrained – even these city slickers have a fundamental grasp of the standard fish and fowl lexicon). All the while, the fox, by its very nature, outfoxes them. His mother tongue is a mystery, probably requiring a whole special keyboard full of weird dots and an auto-tuned throat (see: Norwegian).

A bearded grandpa reads aloud from a dusty book to a rapt third generation Ylvis fan (Norwegians have fought hard to preserve their cultural history and traditions). The foxy tale becomes folk legend.

Maybe it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and Yylvis will continue to represent Norway to the rest of the world for generations to come. Norway: are you cool with this?

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