Yu Rong-Guang

Born: 08/29/1958 in Beijing, CN


Actor (20)

Police Story: Lockdown 2015 (Movie)

Captain Wu (Actor)

Cold Steel 2011 (Movie)


The Karate Kid 2010 (Movie)

Master Li (Actor)

Mulan 2009 (Movie)

Hua Hu (Actor)

The Underdog Knight 2008 (Movie)


The Myth 2005 (Movie)


Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters 2003 (Movie)

Elder Master Jiang (Actor)

The Iron Monkey 2001 (Movie)

Doctor Yang--The Iron Monkey (Actor)

Musa 2000 (Movie)

Yuan General (Actor)

Ballistic Kiss 1998 (Movie)


The Storm Riders 1998 (Movie)

Striding (Actor)

Once A Cop 1994 (Movie)

Cheng Feng (Actor)

The East Is Red 1994 (Movie)

Naval Officer Koo (Actor)

Sang Gong yatho Tungchap Fan 1993 (Movie)

Shum Chi-hung (Actor)

The Terra-Cotta Warrior 1989 (Movie)

Bai Yun Fei (Actor)

Mirage 1986 (Movie)

Tant Ting Xuan (Actor)

High Voltage (Movie)


Hua Mulan (Movie)

Hua Hu (Actor)

Man Wanted (Movie)