Yun Je-mun

Born: 03/09/1970


Actor (22)

Neol gi-da-ri-myeo 2016 (Movie)

Dae-yeong (Actor)

The Great Actor 2016 (Movie)

Sul Gang-Sik (Actor)

The Last Princess 2016 (Movie)

Han Chang-Soo (Actor)

My Dictator 2014 (Movie)

Section Chief Oh (Actor)

Three Summer Night 2014 (Movie)

Ma Ki-Dong (Actor)

Commitment 2013 (Movie)

Cha Jung-min (Actor)

Fists of Legend 2013 (Movie)

Shin Jae-seok (Actor)

Dangerously Excited 2012 (Movie)


Doomsday Book 2012 (Movie)


Quick 2011 (Movie)


Lovers Vanished 2010 (Movie)

Mr Jo (Actor)

Mother 2010 (Movie)

Je-mun (Actor)

The Good the Bad the Weird 2010 (Movie)

Byeong-chun (Actor)

Chaw 2009 (Movie)

Baek Man-bae (Actor)

Private Eye 2009 (Movie)


Life is Beautiful 2008 (Movie)

Detective Park (Actor)

Love Exposure 2007 (Movie)

Kim Hyeong-sik (Actor)

Voice of a Murderer 2007 (Movie)


Wooahan Segye 2007 (Movie)


A Dirty Carnival 2006 (Movie)

Sang-cheol (Actor)

Cruel Winter Blues 2006 (Movie)

Dae-shik (Actor)

You Are My Sunshine 2005 (Movie)

Jae-ho (Actor)