Yves Montand

Actor, Singer, Busboy
An exceedingly charming and debonair leading man who became a symbol of the Gallic gentleman to moviegoers worldwide, Yves Montand was also a very famous singer who received his start performing in Paris nightclubs ... Read more »
Born: 10/13/1921 in Italy


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An exceedingly charming and debonair leading man who became a symbol of the Gallic gentleman to moviegoers worldwide, Yves Montand was also a very famous singer who received his start performing in Paris nightclubs during World War II. After establishing himself in that profession, Montand also made his mark in the movies, first in France and later in Hollywood opposite some of the top leading ladies of the time, including, most famously, off-screen lover Marilyn Monroe. Montand's gifts as a singer were widely celebrated, leading to many popular recordings and highly successful performances in various countries and at The New York Metropolitan Opera and on Broadway. Throughout his motion picture career, Montand often portrayed rugged, world-weary men, but off set, he was famous for his enthusiasm, dedication and imagination. Just as contradictory was his appeal, which straddled the entire spectrum of French society even though he was embraced as a symbol of the proletariat and was a vociferous supporter of leftist politics. While likely remembered best today for his vocal gifts and work in lighter motion pictures like "Let's Make Love" (1960), when properly challenged by directors on the level of Henri-Georges Clouzot and Costa-Gavras, Montand proved quite capable of giving persuasive dramatic performances and that talent solidified his legacy as one of the most important European stars of that era.


Josephine Livi


Valentin Gioanni Jacques Montand

born December 31, 1988 when Montand was 67

Catherine Allegret

born c. 1946 daughter of Simone Signoret and director Yves Allegret

Carole Amiel

born c. 1960 mother of Montand's son Valentin became Montand's secretary in 1982

Anne Drossart

filed a paternity suit against Montand in 1990 claiming that he fathered her daughter Aurora (born c. 1975) during an affair they had beginning in 1972 when they were both in the film "Le Hasard et la Violence" Montand ordered by Paris court to take a blood test to determine child's paternity appeals court ruled that Montand's body should be exhumed for DNA testing in 1997

Giovanni Livi

Jewish-Italian peasant socialist

Lydia Livi

Montand worked in her beauty shop before beginning his music-hall career at age 17

Jean-Louis Livi


Marilyn Monroe Actor

had brief affair while filming "Let's Make Love" (1960)

Edith Piaf

discovered Montand in 1944 together c. 1944-46

Simone Signoret Actor

Married 1951 until her death 1985 acted together in such films as "The Witches of Salem" (1956) and "The Sleeping Car Murders" (1965)

Simone Signoret

married 1951 until her death in 1985 met while touring in 1949 previously married to director Yves Allegret


dropped out of school at age 11



Died of a heart attack in a hospital in Senlis (a suburb of Paris) after suffering chest pains on the set of the Jean-Jacques Beineix film he was shooting


Was mentioned as a possible French Presidential candidate


Wrote, produced and starred in "Yves Montand a la une" on French TV


Toured US with cabaret performance; was first popular entertainer to perform at the Metropolitan Opera House in NY


Resumed singing career; had hit album, "Montand d'hier et d'aujourd 'hui'"; performed in three-month engagement at the Olympia Theatre in Paris and later toured with show


Attacked by Soviet newspaper, "Izveztia" as a "turncoat" after his political views had shifted from left-wing to center


Subject of Jean-Christophe Averty's TV documentary "Montand de mon temps"


Subject of Chris Marker's documentary, "La solitude du chanteur de fond"


Announced retirement as a singer


Starred on the Pairs stage in "Des clowns par milliers/A Thousand Clowns"


His concert tour of the USSR was filmed by the Russians and released as "Yves Montand Chante"


Made first US concert tour in one-man show; performed show on Broadway


Signed two-picture deal with 20th Century-Fox (for whom he made "Let's Make Love" 1960 and "Sanctuary" 1961)


With Simone Signoret made a highly-publicized and high-criticized tour of the Soviet Union and east bloc countries after the Soviet invasion of Hungary


Starred on Paris stage for one year with Simone Signoret in Arthur Miller's "Sorcieres de Salem/The Crucible" (they reprised their performances in the 1956 film version)


Presented his first one-man show in Paris at the Theatre de l'Etoile


Signed contract with Warner Bros.; When he translated the contract from English and realized that he would become the property of the studio, he sued for breach of contract and one franc damages; Warners countersued and the matter was settled out of cou


Professional stage acting debut in operette, "Le Chevalier Bayard"


Starred in Marcel Carne's "Les Portes de la Nuit/Gates f the Night" in which he introduced signature song, "Les Feuilles Mortes/Autumn Leaves"


Feature film debut, "Etoie Sans Lumierie/Star Without Light"; Piaf got him the role of the boyfriend she leaves behind when she becomes a star


Made film debut in Rene Lucot's short, "Silence...antenne/Silence, on tourne"


Appeared in Paris at the ABC Music Hall; also performed at the Moulin Rouge where he was discovered by Edith Piaf, became her lover and protege; abandoned cowboy act and performed new material devised or bought by composers by Piaf to showcase him


Went to Paris to perform; act included routine as a singing cowboy


Resumed career after French capitulation; appeared in revue "Soir de folie" on tour in Lyons, Bordeaux


Abandoned singing career and worked as a laborer in shipyard Chantiers de la Mediterranee


Performed for the first time on an amateur night in a local theater at age 17


Changed name to Yves Montand; made professional debut at the Alcazar Music Hall in Marseilles singing songs of Chevalier, Trenet and imitating Donald Duck music-hall singer in Marseilles, Bordeaux and Toulouse


Won a hair dressing competition in Marseilles


Left Italy with family two years before the rise of Fascism as Mussolini was rising to power; settled in Marseilles

From age 11 worked as delivery boy, apprentice hairdresser in sister's, business, truck loader at a metal factory, and waiter at a dockside bar

Known for such albums as "Le Paris De ... Montand"

Popular songs include "Les feuilles mortes" and "Sous le ciel de Paris".

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Montand was buried November 13, 1991 next to Simone Signoret at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Edith Piaf is also buried there.


He served as president of Cannes Film Festival (1987)


He was honored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center (1988)