Zac Efron Attends Gentleman’s Club Before ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ Premiere

ALTUp until now, Zac Efron was attempting to distance himself from movies like Hairspray and High School Musical by going starring in more adult-themed movies, like Me & Orson Welles and Charlie St. Cloud (that last one’s about as “adult” as a Teletubby, but it sorta counts). But those efforts must not have been enough for little Zac, because interviewer upon interviewer upon interviewer continued to ask how he was planning to encourage his fans from the HSM movies to follow him on his quest to become a more serious actor. His response? Well, since the more grown-up movies he’s filmed haven’t bridged the gap as well as he’d hoped, he decided to take things more seriously AND BUY $2,000 WORTH OF VODKA AND HOOKER DANCES at an NYC gentleman’s club. Natch, right?

The Post reported this morning that Efron and HSM buddy, Corbin Bleu, went to Flashdancers on Broadway on Sunday night and stayed until 3 A.M., before calling it a night and going back to his hotel to put cucumbers on his eyes so he’d look dazzling for the premiere of Charlie St. Cloud. “Spies” (who probably aren’t nearly as pretty as the Russian ones we’ve been hearing about lately) said Efron showed particular interest in three brunettes, whom he “showered” with cash and requested several personal dances from.

His girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, didn’t go to the premiere with him the following day, which suggests something but probably nothing. I’m sure she’ll forgive him, especially since he forgave her when naked pictures of her surfaced all over the internet and *surprisingly* in your email. But before we mourn the loss of another Hollywood kid to the rough and tough life of the dark and dangerous world of working girls who give themselves daily STD tests, let’s stick around and watch him for a little longer. If he invests in a bicycle, we’re okay. If he invests in a Viper, we’re screwed.

Source: NYP