Zac Efron Dropped a Condom on the Red Carpet?

zac efronCrazy things go down on the red carpet, from dress malfunctions to baby bump reveals, but this has got to be a first. Zac Efron was spotted dropping what appears to be a condom at the red carpet premiere of his Dr. Seuss film, The Lorax. And there’s video evidence to prove it!

In a new YouTube video rapidly making its way around the web, the actor drops what is rumored to be a contraceptive as he pulls his right hand out of his pocket. Of course, Efron tried to play it as cool as possible, quickly picking up the object in question and placing it in his back pocket. But even so, he looked pretty embarrassed about what just transpired, making him look all the more guilty.

That’s right, folks…that sweet, innocent boy from all those High School Musical movies is now potentially packing prophylactics at movie premieres. This is what the world is coming to. Why was he walking around with one so readily on-hand, at a Dr. Seuss film no less? On the upside, at least he’s promoting safe sex.

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