Zac Efron’s New TMI Moment: Unhooking Bras

zac efronOh Zac Efron, what are we going to do with you? We’ve already established that simply ogling at this former High School Musical star makes us feel dirty, but now we have to worry about him putting indecent thoughts on purpose as well. While appearing on the Australian TV show Hot30 Countdown, the 24-year-old actor slyly demonstrated his impressive bra-removal skills with a piece of pink and black lingerie.

The topic was broached after the hosts of the show praised Efron for unhooking his The Lucky One costar Taylor Schilling‘s bra in a single flick. “You just pinch and slide,” he said, effortlessly unhooking the bra held up against his hand. “Well, how else are you gonna do it?” He even coached host Matty Acton through the lingerie-removal process, high-fiving him when, after a slight struggle, he successfully achieved victory.

Seriously though, this just doesn’t feel right. This was a guy who used to sing about how he loved singing, Certainly he shouldn’t possess knowledge of such things — yet it’s becoming a disturbing pattern. Back in February, the actor was spotted dropping a condom from his pocket on the red carpet at The Lorax premiere. And while he did look properly embarrassed about the whole situation, it’s still puzzling as to why he was carrying it around in the first place.

Of course, there are worse things that could happen to a girl other than having Zac Efron TMI moments shoved swirling around in their head. However, it does make you wonder — what should we expect next from him?

Check out the video below and see Efron’s hands do the talking:


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