Zach Braff Defends New Jersey: Celeb Speak

ALTThe second season of Jersey Shore airs next Thursday, and when Zach Braff was talking to Jimmy Fallon last night, he informed us of his opinion about the show.

“I feel this weird, ambassadorship because I made Garden State I feel like I have to defend New Jersey all the time, all over the place. No thanks to Snooki, like messin’ everything up. She’s really bad for Jersey! The Jersey shore is beautiful! Every time I talk about the Jersey shore people are like ‘uuugh, Snooki’ and I want people to know that you can go to the Jersey shore and you will not get punched in the face. I mean most likely.”

What he means: He means Jersey’s a safe place. He means people are careful to not over water their flowers, and are even more careful to feed their dogs enough so that neighbors don’t feel pressure to call the ASPCA on each other every day. But it’s confusing, because this is not the Jersey we know. The Jersey we know has showerheads made out of beer cans, duck phones, and pickles scattered in the hot tub. How come Zach seems to think there’s a nice kind of shore? We have video evidence of the contrary! Are we supposed to take his words to heart when we have photographs and hours upon hours of footage that says when you sneeze, you’re body is trying to rid itself of the Jersey particles you’ve inhaled? How can that be.

Source: TV Squad