Zach Braff Helps Musician Propose to His Girlfriend in Adorable Video

Credit: YouTube

Lately, people have been helping Zach Braff with his Kickstarter film Wish I Was Here. Braff decided to give back by helping one of the people who pledged for his film, musician Matt Hulbert. 

Hulbert wanted to propose to his girlfriend Janice in a creative way, so he wrote a song and made a video — and that video begins and ends with Braff. “Sorry, you caught me listening to one of my favorite songs by my good friend Matt,” Braff says. “Man, he can really rock out. He asked me to help him with a little question he’d like to ask you, Janice … He knows … that he never became the rock star that he promised you he would become, I’m sure he’s a rockstar in your eyes. But he’s hoping you can overlook that. And he’d like you to please consider being his wife. Being his bride. But before you answer, let’s see what a few other people should do.” 

What follows is a whole montage of Janice’s family, friends, and pets telling her to “say yes” while the song Hulbert wrote plays in the background. When the song and the montage end, Braff chimes in again.

“That’s pretty unanimous, Matt,” Braff says. “And let’s be honest, you’re never going to score anyone this hot, so I’d stick with her. She’s a babe, and we all know how great she is. So go for it, marry her, as Beyoncé said, ‘If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.'”

Janice tears up, then says yes, and the video comes to an adorably happy end. Watch it here at your own risk. You may end up wishing your boyfriend was this wonderful (or was Zach Braff).

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