One Direction’s Zayn Malik Gets Engaged, Breaks a Zillion Girls’ Hearts


That high-pitched whine you currently have reverberating in your ears and threatening to make your brain bleed is the sound of approximately a quadrillion teenaged girls wailing across the globe. Because Mr. Zayn Malik (20), one fifth of the boy band One Direction, is now fianced. A label rep confirmed the news to People, “Zayn and Perrie are engaged, but any further detail regarding their relationship is private.”

Malik’s now-fiancée is 20-year-old Perrie Edwards, a fellow former X Factor contestant and member of the British girl group Little Mix. She arrived at Monday’s London premiere of the One Direction documentary This Is Us with a bit of bling on a particular finger, prompting the rumors of an engagement and Wednesday’s confirmation.

While many Directioners proved to be mature individuals who took the news in stride, tweeting words of support for the couple and causing the coupname (that’s short for “couple nickname”) Zerrie to trend, others were distraught. Overcome, hysterical, mournful. See below. 

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