Zendaya Just Gave A Body-Shamed Fan A Modeling Contract


Just when we thought we couldn’t love Zendaya more, she goes and does something incredible like this!

Over the weekend, Zendaya discovered an atrocious meme circling the internet from Twitter user @StarpowerXCV. According to @StarpowerXCV, the woman in the meme “couldn’t be trusted” because she wasn’t up to his standards. (Insert eye roll here.) In a post that has since been deleted, the Twitter user said, “Never trust a top half posting ass female lmfao.”


Seriously, the fact that there is still such a focus on a woman’s size is disgusting to me, especially when we have role models like Ashley Graham and so many others who slay on a regular basis. 

(Also, can we STOP CALLING WOMEN “FEMALES”?!! It’s offensive AF! Female Humans are WOMEN! Use the word!)

Luckily Queen Zendaya stuck up for the lovely lady in the meme saying, “Stumbling across this is stupid shit, she is fine as hell head to toe and guaranteed doesn’t know you exist my man. As for her, slay on queen.”

But Zendaya didn’t stop there, she asked the internet to help her identify the woman so that she could offer her a modeling contract with Daya by Zendaya.

It turns out that Twitter user @_illestCe has always wanted to be a model, so what could have been a horrible situation turned out wonderfully!

Fat-shaming and bullying is horrible and @StarpowerXCV must be feeling dumb AF right now. SMH, no one asked him his raggedy opinion about this woman’s body anyway!


We could all take a lesson from Zendaya right now, never let trolls steal your shine!