Zeta-Jones fed up with Hollywood

The Mask Of Zorro star, who reaches the landmark age of 40 on Friday (25Sep09), has no desire to move to Los Angeles or take roles in big-budget blockbuster hits, insisting she’s much happier splitting time between properties in New York and Bermuda with her actor husband Michael Douglas and their children.

She explains, “When you live in L.A., you can’t go anywhere without being critiqued – on your purse or the fact that you have gained weight or that you have got spots on your face.

“That’s not the life I want. Deciding to live in beautiful Bermuda was the healthiest thing Michael and I ever did. Now that I have kids that’s what my life is about.”

And Zeta-Jones, who is preparing to star in the Broadway musical A Little Night, is delighted about hitting 40 and starring in different projects outside of Tinseltown.

She adds, “I think it will be a huge change career-wise. I’m going into a different chapter as an actor. I’m not going to play the ingenues but I’m not going to play the mother of teenagers either.”