Zhang Jingchu


Actor (16)

For a Few Bullets 2016 (Movie)


Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation 2015 (Movie)

Lauren (Actor)

Something Good: The Mercury Factor 2015 (Movie)

Jiazhen (Actor)

The Old Cinderella 2014 (Movie)


The Law of Attraction 2011 (Movie)

Xuelian (Actor)

Aftershock 2010 (Movie)


John Rabe 2010 (Movie)

Langshu (Actor)

Night and Fog 2009 (Movie)

Wong Hiu-ling (Actor)

Qie ting feng yun 2009 (Movie)

Mandy (Actor)

The Beast Stalker 2008 (Movie)

Gao Min (Actor)

Munto 2007 (Movie)

Jane (Actor)

Rush Hour 3 2007 (Movie)

Soo Yung (Actor)

Jadesoturi 2006 (Movie)

Pinyu (Actor)

The Road 2006 (Movie)


Kong que 2005 (Movie)

Gao Weihong (Actor)

Qi Jian 2005 (Movie)

Liu Yufang (Actor)