Zhao Wei

Born: 03/11/1976


Actor (17)

Qin Ai De 2014 (Movie)

Li Hongqin (Actor)

Dearest Peter 2013 (Movie)


Love 2012 (Movie)

Xiao-Ye (Actor)

Mulan 2009 (Movie)

Hua Mulan (Actor)

Red Cliff II 2009 (Movie)

Shangxiang (Actor)

Red Cliff: Part I 2009 (Movie)

Sun Shangxiang (Actor)

Wa pei 2008 (Movie)


Ye. Shanghai. 2007 (Movie)

Lin Xi (Actor)

Yi Ma De Hou Xian Dai Sheng Huo 2006 (Movie)

Dafan (Actor)

Shaolin Soccer 2004 (Movie)

Mui (Actor)

Warriors of Heaven and Earth 2004 (Movie)

Wen Zhu (Actor)

Goddess of Mercy 2003 (Movie)


Green Tea 2003 (Movie)

Wu Fang / Langlang (Actor)

My Dream Girl 2003 (Movie)


So Close 2003 (Movie)

Sue (Actor)

Unknown Pleasures 2003 (Movie)

Bin Bin (Actor)

East Palace, West Palace 1998 (Movie)

Streetcar (Actor)