Zoe Saldana Rushes To the Aid of an Injured Woman After Car Accident

zoe saldanaHeroes come in all shapes and sizes – even in the form of one of our favorite Hollywood celebrities, the lovely Zoe Saldana. If you weren’t a fan of the Columbiana star before, you will definitely be after reading this story. According to the Daily Mail, the actress was driving through the streets of L.A. yesterday, witnessed a traffic collision and immediately rushed over to help. A woman in one of the vehicles was injured and bleeding, so Saldana helped her out of the car and then proceeded to call emergency services. And even after she knew an ambulance was well on its way, the Hollywood star stayed right beside the woman until she received the proper medical care she needed.

You’ve got to love a good celebrity hero story. It shows a great deal about the type of person they are, not just what they appear to be on magazine covers and at red carpet events. Sure, we love to appreciate their talents, but it’s stuff like this that makes them role model material. Now with Ryan Gosling preventing street fights in New York City and Saldana attending to the injured in Los Angeles, it looks like both the East and West coasts are pretty well covered. America can sleep a little easier with these guys on the job.

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Source: Daily Mail