Jovenshire of Smosh Games Voices New Smite Skin


Loki Charms/Joshua Ovenshire
Getty Image for Axe

While visiting New York City for an AXE Hair Creators event, Joshua Ovenshire of Smosh Games had a few moments to catch up and talk about an upcoming voice role he did for Smite. Having previously done voices for Bucky Barnes and Baron Zemo in How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended, as well performing his own interpretation of the Joker on his YouTube channel, the Jovenshire is no stranger to voice acting. In fact, it looks like he even channeled some of his inner Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger Joker inspirations for his latest voice acting role.

When asked about some of his upcoming voice work, the Jovenshire shared:

“In the next few weeks, you will actually hear my voice in Smite. I’m going to be the voice of a specific Loki skin. I don’t think I can say what it is yet, but there is a specific Loki skin that is very much themed to this month as in March. It’ll have a completely new voice pack.”

Here are a few lines of Loki’s new dialogue from the Smite 4.4 Patch Notes Live Stream:

• “Woohoo!”
“Your mother is proud.”
“I was born lucky.”
“Be careful!”
“Don’t be touchin’ me pot o’ gold”
“Put your lips on me blarney stone!”
“Shut it!”
“Never iron a four-leaf clover because you don’t want to be pressing your luck!”
“What do you get when two leprechauns have a conversation? Small talk!”
“Why do leprechauns chuckle when they play soccer? Because the grass tickles our balls!”

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Smite Skins

Other Smite skins announced during the Live Stream include:

Twisted Metal Skin for The Morrigan
Dreadful Doll Skin for Izanami
Mastery Skins for Kuzenbo
Breezy Chibi Skin for Kukulkan
Pro League Skin for Bellona
The 2017 SMITE World Champion NRG skin for Chronos