15 Pop Culture Felines That Turn Us Into Scaredy Cats

Mr. Bigglesworth, 'Austin Powers'
When Dr. Evil's right-hand cat gets angry, people die… of laughter. But they still die. Or just get badly burned. {Image Credit: New Line Cinema}
CatDog, 'CatDog'
CatDog, 'CatDog'
Before there was 'The Human Centipede,' there was CatDog. Dr. Heiter, you truly are a monster. Read on for more of pop culture's creepiest felines! {Image Credit: Nickelodeon}
Cats, 'Cats'
Before there was taste, there were humans singing eye-roll-worthy songs while terrifyingly dressed as felines. Andrew Lloyd Webber, you truly are a monster. {Image Credit: Getty Images}
Cheshire Cat, 'Alice in Wonderland'
A happy cat is a cat planning your demise. {Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios}
Fluffy, 'Rugrats'
Are those ears? Hair? Forget the birds and the bees — try explaining THIS to children. {Image Credit: Nickelodeon}
Grandma Wrinkles, 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'
Much like the Real Housewives themselves, turns out felines aren't so pretty underneath their cuddly surfaces. {Image Credit: Bravo}
Honey Boo Boo's cat, 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'
Honey Boo Boo claimed her cat was possessed on the Season 1 finale of the TLC hit. Oh, c'mon Kate Gosselin — we've moved on! {Image Credit: TLC}
MAD Cat, 'Inspector Gadget'
Hey, MAD Cat, 2006 called. It wants its fauxhawk back. {Image Credit: Lexington Broadcast/Services Company/Cookie Jar Entertainment}
Church, 'Pet Sematary'
Some would call him creepy. Others would call him handy during a blackout. {Image Credit: Paramount Pictures}
Mr. Whiskerson, 'Friends'
He scratches, is inside-out, and hisses your name. Mr. Whiskerson, we are on a break. {Image Credit: NBC}
Salem, 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'
Sorry, Salem. Melissa Joan Hart's Sam was much, much cooler. (Just don't run under his ladder in anger, okay?) {Image Credit: ABC}
Lucifer, 'Cinderella'
We're going to blame nurture over nature for Lady Tremaine's devilish feline. What choice does a cat named Lucifer have? {Image Credit: Walt Disney Productions}
Scar, 'Lion King'
Because, as young children, we all were scarred by Scar. {Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures/Walt Disney Productions}
Si and Am, 'Lady and the Tramp'
Less creepy, more racist. It's official: Disney hates cats. {Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures/Walt Disney Productions}
Toonces, 'Saturday Night Live'
Toonces' driving skills would push some over the edge — more specifically, his owners, who would realize too late that the cat "could drive — just not very well!" Proof curiosity kills the cat… or, at least, shoddy breaks. {Image Credit: NBC}
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