20 Hottest Summer Movies of the Last 10 Years

January Jones in 'X-Men: First Class'
January Jones is hardly the Betty Draper type as Emma Frost in 'X-Men: First Class.'
García Bernal and Maribel Verdú in 'Y Tu Mama Tambien'
Sex education via road trip! Ah, youth.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'Eclipse'
There's just something about those vampire boys, isn't there?
Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in 'Thor'
Cinematic god Chris Hemsworth and real-life goddess Natalie Portman make Asgard quite the sensual locale.
Sharni Vinson and Rick Malambri in 'Step Up 3D'
In some cultures, Stepping Up is the only acceptable way of expressing passionate love.
Jim Sturges in 'One Day'
One day. That's how long you can get lost in Jim Sturgess' eyes.
Angelina Jolie in 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'
Only a real-life couple can bring this degree of heated romance (and violence) to the screen.
Michelle Rodriguez in 'Machete'
With provocative nuns and gun-toting young ladies, this movie pushes the envelope a bit. And then slices it up.
Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin in 'Like Crazy'
Even the trailer for this movie is enough to get the heart racing. 
Megan Fox in 'Jennifer's Body'
Megan Fox as a lustful demon... not exactly tepid waters.
Paul Walker and Jessica Alba in 'Into the Blue'
Sunken airplanes, drug cartels, Albas, Walkers! Can this be topped?
Channing Tatum in 'GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra'
Tatum dancing is topped only by Tatum defending our nation's liberties. Now that's a solid catch.
Colin Farrell in 'Fright Night'
Slightly less of a jerk than his Horrible Bosses character, and worlds more physically appealing.
Chris Evans in 'Fantastic Four'
Yes, he can start a fire by snapping... but you're probably too distracted by the shirtlessness to notice.
Emma Stone in 'Easy A'
Emma Stone embraces her bad reputation, but keeps it classy with a literary allusion.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in 'Crazy Stupid Love'
With the combined forces of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, no one's heart rate is safe.
Chris Evans in 'Captain America'
Sure, there's already a Chris Evans superhero flick on this list... but he deserves two.
Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Taloa, Sanoe Lake and Kala Alexander in 'Blue Crush'
For a movie about surfing, there's a whole lot of just hanging out in minimal clothing.
Cameron Diaz in 'Bad Teacher'
Unfortunately, Diaz's bad teacher's beauty is only skin deep.
Jason Biggs in 'American Pie 2'
Of course, the tentpole of hot summer movies is the 'American Pie' series.
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