2001’s celebrity obituaries

We lost some beloved celebs in 2001. We take a remorseful look back:

Jack Lemmon (76), one half of the Grumpy Old Men–oh, and he won two Oscars during his 50-year acting career.

George Harrison (58), the “quiet Beatle,” a deeply spiritual man who devoutly supported the Hindu religion.

Aaliyah (22), an up-and-coming singer who died in a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas in August.

Anthony Quinn (86), who, like Lemmon, also won two Academy Awards–best known for the film Zorba the Greek.

Carroll O’Connor (76), TV’s Archie Bunker and–in his later years–a champion of the anti-drug movement.

Perry Como (88), the smooth-voiced singer who spent 50 years entertaining the world.

Dale Evans (88), Roy Rogers‘ wife and sidekick in over 25 westerns.

Ray Walston (86), Emmy-winning star of the TV series My Favorite Martian.

William Hanna (90), who (along with Joseph Barbera) co-created The Flintstones and countless other animated TV classics.

Troy Donahue (65), the silver-screen hunk who made teens swoon in such films as A Summer Place.

John Lee Hooker (83), a major influence on the music scene, whose bluesy riffs made Mississippi music a staple in American culture.