2002 November Box Office Numbers Break Records

According to The Hollywood Reporter, November’s box office take for this year hit a record $824.1 million.

Not too shabby.

The numbers are only up 3 percent from last November’s totals of $802.6 million, but this year marks only the second time grosses have gone beyond $800 million.

The blockbusters released this month have certainly helped the cause. Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has pulled in nearly $168.2 million since its Nov. 15 release, while The Santa Clause 2 has raked in $101.6 million since its Nov. 2 release. Eminem‘s 8 Mile has also performed well with $101.5 million since its Nov. 8 bow.

Die Another Day has been a huge contributor, grossing $70.2 million in two weeks, as well as the creepy The Ring, which has taken in $68.1 million so far.

The Reporter also reports theater admissions have surpassed last year’s all-time high for the period. Estimated admissions for November rose to a record 141.4 million, up 2 percent from last year’s 139 million ticket units, the previous all-time high for the month. The slight rise in ticket prices accounts for the difference between the increase in box office and admissions.