3D Three Musketeers is a thrill for film stars

Clash of the Titans and Robin Hood star Evans admits he’s being spoiled on the set of the swashbuckler because he’s getting the full effect of the latest filmmaking technology hours after he has shot his scenes as heroic Aramis.

He tells WENN, “We’re shooting in 3D so we’re able to immediately see the effect of 3D. There are no more small monitors to watch the dailies. We have big flat screen TVs in a tent and we just go in and put our 3D glasses on and see this spectacular technology.”

And the actor is very proud of his new film, which he feels sure is going to be a big hit: “I’m doing lots of swordfighting, lots of stunts, jumping off of high bridges and some incredible fighting. We had a massive sequence which took about two weeks to shoot.”

But the shoot in Germany has had its scary moments: “I’ve had a couple of cuts on the wrists because we’re using real metal swords. We do clash a lot so there are lots of sparks; swords are flying from the screen! It’s spectacular.”