98 Degrees star to headline new live male revue in Las Vegas

98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons is heading back to Las Vegas to star in a new live male revue. The singer, who stripped off for the Chippendales onstage at The Rio in Sin City in 2011, has reteamed with choreographer and producer Glenn Douglas Packard to launch Men of the Strip.
The “explosive and multi-faceted new live male revue entertainment extravaganza” will feature “fresh choreography, sexy numbers, singing and dancing by each of the performers, a wide range of music and dynamic Cirque Du Soleil elements,” according to a press release announcing the venture.
Timmons says, “Chippendales had been approaching me to be part of their show for many years, but I had the stereotypical male stripper thought in my mind, until my wife, Amanda, convinced me that it would be a good idea.
“I quickly realised how well produced and choreographed it was. Glenn had really done an amazing job. It was sexy like a boy band on steroids, only these guys didn’t sing. It was a little irreverent but not dirty or nasty. The show had some older guys in it, but I envisioned a potential gold mine in making it younger, hipper, kind of like (what) they later showed in Magic Mike, with super sexy 20-something dudes showing their personalities while they dance their a**es off.
“I proposed all sorts of ideas to update their brand, and suggested ways to mainstream it via calendars in all the retail outlets and extra media exposure, but the producers didn’t feel the need for such growth. They were happy with their successful residency in Vegas. That’s when Glenn and I decided to join forces and launch a new male revue our way.”