ABC Blackout

Hope they’re not big Regis fans in New York City. Because, as things stand right now, Manhattanites aren’t going to be seeing a lot of the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” wonder this sweeps month. Time Warner pulled the plug on ABC (and all its related Regis programming) today, blacking out the network on its cable systems, including ones serving NYC, parts of Los Angeles and Philadelphia. All told, 3.5 million households are affected nationwide.

The move is the result of a dispute between Time Warner and Disney, ABC’s parent company. The dispute is over (what else?) money.

The blackout couldn’t come at a worse time for sweeps fans. Tonight is the start of celebrity week on “Millionaire.” (Watch Rosie O’Donnell give her final answer!) And Friday — oh, God — brings the series finale of the dear “Boy Meets World.”

The humanity of it all.