ABC: No problems with “Bob Patterson”

ABC says that there is no problem with Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander‘s new vehicle Bob Patterson, despite the show’s loss of a head writer, the replacement of several cast members and the addition of an entirely new character.

“There are no internal problems and there have never been any internal problems. That show could not be going any better,” Lloyd Braun, co-chairman of ABC’s Entertainment Television Group, defensively told reporters.

However, the program’s pilot will probably have to be re-shot due to all the changes, including the departure of the original pilot’s head writer Tim Doyle.

A tumultuous start is not what ABC needed with Bob Patterson, which stars Jason Alexander as a recently divorced motivational speaker. Patterson is slated to go up against NBC’s vaunted comedy Frasier on Tuesday nights as the alphabet channel tries to knock off the peacock network.

Patterson is the second show from an ex-Seinfeld star to hit the airwaves in as many years. NBC’s embattled The Michael Richards Show (starring Richards, Seinfeld‘s doofus Kramer), debuted last year but went largely unwatched and was yanked in December.