ABC Wins Fall Preview Ratings War

ABC started off the new fall season with a bang by coming in first place in viewership last week.

Their new shows, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter Life with Bonnie and Push, Nevada, which aired last Tuesday, Sept. 17, all made the Nielsen Media Research’s top 20 programs for the week, The Associated Press reports. The premiere of the John Ritter comedy 8 Simple Rules came in with the strongest numbers, reaching 17.3 million viewers.

Of course, Monday Night Football and ABC News’ interview with Christopher Reeve also helped put the alphabet network back on its feet after a very bad year.

The first installment of CBS’ Survivor: Thailand Thursday was the most watched program last week, bringing in 23 million viewers, while Sunday’s Emmys telecast gave NBC a boost with 20 million viewers.

Overall, ABC averaged 10.1 million viewers for the week, while NBC nabbed 9.8 million. CBS took third with 9.2 million, with Fox bringing in 8.6 million and the WB snagging 4.7 million.