Actor Christopher Jones loses cancer battle at 72

Actor Christopher Jones has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 72. The Ryan’s Daughter star, real name William Frank Jones, passed away in California on Friday (31Jan14), according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Born in Tennessee, Jones began his career in 1965, when he portrayed American outlaw Jesse James in The Legend of Jesse James TV series.
He went on to star in several movies including Wild in the Streets, The Looking Glass War and Three in the Attic.
Jones married Susan Strasberg, the daughter of revered acting coach Lee Strasberg, in 1965 and they had one daughter together before divorcing in 1968.
He was allegedly romancing pal Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate when she was murdered by members of cult leader Charles Manson’s ‘Family’ in 1969. The tragedy left him so devastated he quit Hollywood at the height of his career.
In 1994, director Quentin Tarantino offered him Peter Greene’s role of Zed in Pulp Fiction, but he turned it down. He only made one more movie – 1996’s Mad Dog Time.
After turning his back on Hollywood, Jones became an artist and sculptor.