Actress Corinne Calvet dies at 76

French film actress Corinne Calvet died Saturday of a cerebral hemorrhage at the UCLA Medical Center, Reuters reports. She was 76. Calvet, who starred opposite Burt Lancaster and James Cagney in the 1950s, made her debut in French radio, stage plays and cinema in the 1940s. She was best known for her roles in What Price Glory, Sailor Beware, Rope of Sand and On the Riviera. In 1952, the actress filed a lawsuit accusing Zsa Zsa Gabor of slander for telling people, including a reporter, that she was not really French. She was married to actors John Bromfield and Jeffrey Stone, but both marriages ended in divorce. In 1967, her longtime boyfriend Donald Scott accused Calvet of using voodoo to control him. In 1983, she wrote an autobiography called Has Corinne Been a Good Girl?. She is survived by her son.