Adam Driver freaked out while watching Inside Llewyn Davis

Actor Adam Driver “broke out in sweats” while watching Inside Llewyn Davis after ignoring his personal rule never to catch himself on camera. Driver shot to fame as sex-obsessed actor Adam Sackler in Lena Dunham’s hit TV drama Girls, but decided he hated seeing himself on screen after watching the pilot episode.
He has since refused to watch any of his TV or film projects, but made an exception for last year’s (13) Inside Llewyn Davis, because he wanted to listen to the film’s music scenes.
However, the star admits the experience left him shaken.
The 30 year old tells Britain’s Culture magazine, “I haven’t watched anything I’m in. With (2012 historical epic) Lincoln… I still haven’t seen it because I don’t want to watch myself. Actually, I have seen Llewyn Davis (sic), because I wanted to see the music (sic). Huge mistake. I broke out in sweats.”