Adam Sandler far from happy with Hayek’s matchmaking plans for his mum

Salma Hayek caught a rare glimpse of her Grown Ups co-star Adam Sandler’s rage recently when she actress tried to fix his widowed mother up with one of her single pals. The funnyman’s father, Stan Sandler, lost his battle with lung cancer 10 years ago and Hayek felt enough time had passed for her pal’s mother, Judy, so she offered to introduce her to one of her single friends.
However, protective Adam wasn’t too thrilled with the Mexican beauty’s matchmaking efforts and scolded Hayek for even broaching the topic.
During an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Thursday (11Jul13), the actress said, “He’s the nicest guy on earth and I never saw him really angry. He’s always joking and then the other day… I said, ‘Judy… you know what? I’d like to set you up with someone,’ because her husband passed away a long time ago and she’s so spunky. I wanted to get her a boyfriend.
“He was like, ‘What! No! Never! Don’t mess with my mother!’ Oh my goodness! I got to see a whole other side of Adam.”