Ain’t No Way to Treat a ‘Survivor’

Tense times on “Survivor” as a non-thrower-upper, non-old person was actually booted off the increasingly less-crowded isle of Pulau Tiga. Joel Klug, a 28-year-old salesman from Arkansas, got the hook per Wednesday’s episode on CBS. Why? Apparently because the otherwise physically fit “Survivor” posterstud ticked off the women’s vote. (Take heed, Bush and Gore.)

“I think the girls on the team; maybe a few of them had a little inferiority complex,” Klug tells the CBS Web site ( “… I’m definitely not a chauvinist. I think a woman can do anything that a man can do. That is why I had every faith in the world in the team.”

Klug’s ejection leaves 10 castaways left in the 13-week, winner-takes-all-$1-million game.

Richard Hatch(© CBS) One of those remaining contestants, meanwhile, is making headlines today for actions that have nothing to do with eating rats or walking around naked on national TV. Richard Hatch, the bossy 39-year-old corporate trainer from Rhode Island, is suing his home state (as well as local police in Middletown) for an arrest on child abuse charges.

According to, Hatch’s federal lawsuit claims that his “Survivor” notoriety led authorities to bust him in April. The suit also claims that Hatch’s son, adopted two years ago, made up the abuse charges. It seeks unspecified damages.