Alec Baldwin asked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for advice after Kim Basinger split

Alec Baldwin turned to American political royalty Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for advice following his split from actress Kim Basinger, according to a new diary expose. The 30 Rock star separated from the Hollywood beauty in 2000 after seven years of marriage, and the actor decided to call on his pal Kennedy, Jr. to talk through his relationship problems and his concerns for their daughter Ireland, who was five at the time.
In a secret diary purportedly belonging to the nephew of assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy, he writes, “He is directing his first movie when she presented him with divorce (sic)… and moved to LA, a town he hates.”
Kennedy reportedly goes on to add that he gave Baldwin “encouragement” based on his own divorce from his first wife, Emily, in 1994.
The diary, obtained by the New York Post, also reveals details about Kennedy, Jr.’s friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio, who picked the lawyer/activist’s brains about “environmental stuff” back in 2001, not long after launching his own environmental charity.
In a diary entry dated 21 May, 2001, Kennedy, Jr. adds, “He wants to spend his life and resources on a clean environment.”
He also recalls how his then-three-year-old son, Finn, mistook the Titanic star for a girl during a dinner party at their family home.
He writes, “Finn, looking at Leo’s ponytail, asked him, ‘Are you a girl?’ and was emphatic that he did not want such a haircut… Leo was very sweet.”