Alec Baldwin remembers his late father on 30th anniversary

Alec Baldwin paid tribute to his late father as he marked the 30th anniversary of his death on Monday (15Apr13). The 30 Rock star’s dad, Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr., passed away on 15 April, 1983 after a battle with cancer, and the actor marked 30 years since the loss by remembering his father in a post on his page.
He writes, “On April 15, 1983, my father passed away at age 55. 30 years today. You are missed.”
Baldwin turned 55 himself earlier this month (03Apr13) and told a fan on Twitter the fact he has almost lived longer than his father makes him think about his own mortality “every day…”
When asked by a follower if the pain of his dad’s death gets easier as time goes on, Baldwin replied, “In some ways, yes. Others, no.”