Alex Bledel helps register young voters as Obama campaign volunteer

The former Gilmore Girls star jetted to both New Mexico and Nevada last month (Aug12) to help register young voters and rally support for the politician’s second term during a series of events.

And this week (begs03Sep12) she arrived at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina to advocate on his behalf and encourage other fans to follow suit.

Sharing personal snaps of her summer trip, and also her current visit to the Time Warner Cable Arena, she tells, “I’m at the DNC this week in support of President Obama’s re-election campaign. Young voters made all the difference in 2008, and we’ll need America’s youth to turn up at the polls again this November in order for him to be re-elected.

“So much has changed for the better over the last four years, and here at the Democratic Convention we’ve been listening to so many inspiring accounts of the President’s strong leadership and core values, including a sincere and moving speech by the First Lady, and a charged recommendation from former President (Bill) Clinton.”

And it appears Bledel will be taking the stage on Thursday night (06Sep12) with other celebrities including Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson before the President speaks to the nation.

She adds, “Tune in tonight… to see what I’m up to here just before President Obama addresses the nation… And I hope everyone will register to vote at if you haven’t already!”