Alexandra Paul Arrested in Protest

Former Baywatch star Alexandra Paul was one of two actresses arrested Mar. 14 after blocking the path of trucks hauling a batch of electric cars to be destroyed.

Colette Divine and Paul were booked on suspicion of failing to obey an
officer, according to police.

The two were among dozens of electric car supporters holding an
around-the-clock vigil outside a General Motors (GM) center in Burbank,
California, where more than 70 EV1 electric cars had been stored en route to a
recycling plant in Mesa, Arizona, where they were to be destroyed.

A total of 28 of the discontinued cars were eventually sent on their way to
Arizona, where they will be crushed.

Bosses at GM have declined the group’s offer to pay a total of $1.9 million
for the vehicles, which protestors argue are good for the environment and will help make America less dependent on Middle East oil.

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