Alexandra Wentworth has eye lift surgery

The It’s Complicated star recently opted to have a lower blepharoplasty and now the 47 year old insists she feels like a new person.

Chronicling the experience in an article for Elle magazine, she writes, “Since my early twenties, my baggy eyes had been a source of utter frustration not only for me, but also for makeup artists… and cinematographers (who spent hours desperately trying to relight my face)… I wanted… bright and awake eyes…

“On the big day, I arrived at the crack of dawn with my gay male friend Joe… I was in complete denial that I was voluntarily (at a hefty cost of more than $7,000) having my face slashed. I’m slightly embarrassed to reveal the price of such a self-indulgent act, but… many people kept telling me it was money well spent. I guess like when you redo the roof (of a house)? Or replace the boiler?”

After doctors completed the procedure, Wentworth holed up inside the house she shares with her journalist husband George Stephanopoulos and the comedienne admits the recovery was the hardest part.

She continues, “In the days that followed, I lay in my bed with blurry vision and ice packs on my eyes and listened to reruns of Friends on TV… The recovery seemed endless. For the first two weeks, I was basically secluded in our apartment, not because of vanity but because my eyesight was blurry and I was physically weak (from pain medication). My husband was suddenly married to an 80-year-old woman.”

And although things were tough going, the actress admits she’s happy with the final result: “I do look better. In photos, I think I look as though I’ve been digitally retouched.”