Alfonso Cuaron criticises Mexican President over energy reform

Oscar-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron has penned an open letter to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, questioning the leader over his decision to allow energy bosses at private companies to drill for oil. The Gravity director, who hails from Mexico, took out full-page advertisements in a number of Mexican newspapers on Monday (28Apr14) to take Nieto to task over an energy reform bill, which was passed last year (13) and allows multinational corporation executives to drill for oil. The legislation was particularly controversial because the industry was nationalised in 1938 to prevent foreign business owners from plundering Mexico’s oil resources with little benefit to the country’s residents.
However, state ownership has also proved to be of little help in lowering energy prices, and Cuaron is now helping to turn the spotlight on the issues faced by Mexican civilians.
In the letter, Cuaron makes a point to thank the President for recently congratulating him on his Oscar wins, before posing 10 questions about the bill and his concerns for the environment and potential for corruption.
In the note, he writes, “When will prices for gas, gasoline, fuel, oil and electricity come down?”, while he also states, “The world’s multinational oil companies have as much power as many governments. What measures will be taken to keep our democracy from being taken over by illegal financing and the other methods of pressure by powerful interests?”
In another line, he continues, “In a country with such a weak or non-existent legal system, how can you avoid large-scale corruption?”