Alice Cooper thanks Johnny Depp for creating harmony on Marilyn Manson tour

Alice Cooper has publicly thanked Johnny Depp for helping him put together a successful tour with Marilyn Manson by convincing the younger shock rocker to tone down the drama. The School’s Out hitmaker admits he had reservations about hitting the road with Manson after learning the Rock is Dead singer could be “a handful”, but now he is looking forward to teaming up with the controversial superstar again.
He says, “I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know him personally. I’d heard nothing but horror stories.
“Johnny Depp is one of his best friends (and) Johnny said he can be a handful, but I think Johnny talked to him and kind of backed him off a little bit. But he (Manson) was nothing but respectful, a total pro. Honestly, it was a real flawless tour.
“I think we made converts of his audience, and there was an older audience that came that was suspect of him but liked him. So both of us benefited from this tour – the elder myth and the new myth. It really did work, and I’m sure we’ll do it again.”