Alicia Vikander cut boyfriend during movie shaving scene

Alicia Vikander drew blood while shaving her boyfriend Michael Fassbender for a new movie scene.
The real-life couple plays husband and wife in director Derek Cianfrance’s The Light Between Oceans, and Fassbender thought it would be a good idea to have the Oscar winner clean up his character’s moustache in one tender scene.
“He only bled a little,” Alicia giggled to WENN.
“Oh yeah, that’s right,” her boyfriend recalled. “Just one little knick.”
“It’s so hard to shoot that kind of stuff on a set…,” Cianfrance added. “I can’t tell you the struggle we had to shoot that moustache, because everyone’s like, ‘Well, she might cut him. Why don’t we let the art department shave his moustache first and then she can come in? We can just put shaving cream on there and they can act like she’s done it’, and so I was like, ‘I think she can probably do it’.
“It was months and months of this conversation of whether or not Alicia could shave Michael’s moustache. So it’s just like, ‘Alicia, do you think you can do it?’ ‘I think so’. ‘Michael, what do you think? Do you trust her?’ ‘I trust her’. And she shaves his moustache. I can’t tell you how dramatic it was on set.”
Fassbender picked up the story, explaining, “The idea came to me that it would be more comfortable for her to kiss him without the moustache and it just seemed like one of those things of, you know, well, you try and change… you make changes to sort of work together as opposed to someone on their own.
“It was a simple, kind of silly idea, but… Derek likes simple, silly ideas… and Alicia thought it was a fun idea.”