Allen helping to write Broadway play

The revered director, fellow filmmaker Ethan Coen and screenwriter Elaine May will each write a mini-play for actor John Turturro to direct under the title Relatively Speaking, and the productions will be staged in the Big Apple later this year (11).

Discussing his piece, Honeymoon Hotel, with the New York Times, Allen describes the play as “a broad comedy, for laughs, (with) no redeeming social value”.

Coen’s Broadway debut is titled Talking Cure, while May has written a play named George is Dead.

Allen’s last theatre gig was in 2004, when he directed the play A Second Hand Memory.

The filmmaker has spent the past few years shooting a string of movies on location in Europe, but he recently told WENN he was ready to head home.

He said: “It’s nice to work at home. I like that, my own bed and my own house. I love my surrounding pharmaceuticals!

“There are a lot of advantages of working abroad as well but New York is a fabulous place to work in because there’s a million stories to tell and great locations. I’ve made many movies in New York and I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface of New York City.”