Allison Williams sends back scripts with underdeveloped characters

Allison Williams is so selective when it comes to film and TV projects, she sends scripts back with suggestions on how to better develop characters.
The Girls and Get Out star is keen to appear in an R-rated comedy but she refuses to play characters that aren’t fully formed – and she’s happy to send back notes to writers and producers.
“Those are the scripts I end up sending back with the most notes, because the characters are often a little underdeveloped,” she tells The New York Post.
Meanwhile, the actress’ success has fuelled her passion for activism, including her work with the Transformational Prison Project, which aims to aid former convicts.
“I’ve been doing research on criminal justice reform for years, and I’ve only just begun talking about it, and I still worry I’m going to make a mistake because it’s such a complicated issue,” she adds.
Allison is also an advocate for education reform – as an ambassador for Horizons National, an organisation dedicated to supporting lower income children through schooling.
“Ideally, our educational system would be great for every American child,” she says. “Until it is, I want this to be everywhere, for every kid whose parents can’t afford the kind of education I was fortunate enough to have.”