Amanda Seyfried found relief from Lovelace role in Les Miserables

The Dear John actress felt unable to relate to her sexually-charged character in the biopic about the late Deep Throat star but also felt unable to remove herself mentally from the role until she started on her next project three weeks later.

Seyfried struggled to deal with the more complex sides to Lovelace’s life and the beatings she experienced at the hands of her husband and manager Chuck Traynor, and looked forward to her radically different role as the loved-up Cosette in Les Miserables.

She tells British newspaper The Guardian, “Thank God for Les Miserables, and Lovelace really, to show two opposite ends of the spectrum in such a short amount of time. Usually the industry takes note of that, and you’re always so desperate for the industry to take nore of you, especially when you’re trying to prove yourself. I’m super thrilled about both…

“To understand someone’s (Lovelace’s) experience is always hard, but to play someone who you can’t relate to at all… I’m not virginal, but nor am I in any way, shape or form comfortable with my sexuality to the point that Linda came to be. The hardest thing was understanding the struggle, the depth of her depression, pretending everything was ok while being beaten the s**t out of every day.

“I had three weeks after the movie before I started on Les Mis (sic), but I couldn’t get myself out of Lovelace until I turned up on set. It was kind of a relief to play someone who was the complete opposite.”