American Public Has Really Average Taste!

Only in America could Heather Graham be hailed as our top comedic actress for her “performance” in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.” Fortunately, for Graham, she does live in America — and Americans love bestowing awards upon stuff they’ve seen (i.e., “Austin Powers“), as opposed to stuff they’ve been told they should see (i.e., “Election“).

Hence at Tuesday’s sixth annual, public-determined Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in Los Angeles, laurels went to the ultra-mainstream likes of Graham, Tom Hanks (fave drama actor, “The Green Mile“), Cameron Diaz (fave dramatic actress, “Any Given Sunday“) and Adam Sandler (fave comedy actor, “Big Daddy”).

We could detail the rest, but why? For one thing, it’s too depressing. For another thing, you can see for yourself June 20 on Fox when the ceremony is telecast.