Amy Adams hired baseball coach for Trouble With The Curve

The actress’ semi-professional body builder mum Kathryn coached her at baseball as a youngster, but Adams insists she was a horrible player and was dropped from the line-up.

During an interview with U.S. talk show The View on Wednesday (12Sep12), she said, “When I was little, my mum actually kicked me off the t-ball (baseball) team because I was afraid of the ball, and she was the coach… She always said, ‘You just didn’t look like you were having fun,’ as I ran from, like, every flying object.”

Adams feared her failures would come back to haunt her after she was cast as a baseball scout in the upcoming sports drama, so she hired a trainer to teach her how to throw a ball and swing a bat.

She tells American morning show Today, “I actually had to get a coach, a private baseball coach, because before I started this film I could not do any of those (things).”